unity Unknown profiler sampler in thread block: 1007

I built a my project for webgl platfrom,and i checked development build and autoconnect profiler.
when i run it by firefox brower.and tried to connect my game to my unity editor profiler.
It printed “Unknown profiler sampler in thread block: 1007” on unity console .
And on my firefox brower console it printed “Skipping profile frame. Receiver can not keep up with the amount of data sent”.
I am sure that my unity profiler had connect my firefox brower.but there is nothing appear in my unity profiler.
I had browse a lot of post ,but i can not find a useful way to solve my problem.
someone can help me? thank you very much.

i need help.

Sounds like you need to increase the memory size of the Profiler’s ring buffer on the web player. Try setting UnityEngine.Profiling.Profiler.maxUsedMemory to a bigger value.
If that is not the reason for the message: “Unknown profiler sampler in thread block: 1007”, please update to the latest patch release of the unity version you are on. I think that bug was fixed. If the Issue remains, please file a bug report through the bug reporter tool, found in the Editor under Help → Report a bug. We can not monitor the Answer page for bug reports and would also need more information, such as the specific unity version you are using to be able to help you and everyone else more efficiently.