Unity Update 4.3

I just updated Unity and when i enter my projects that i made before it is all blue in Edit mode(or whatever it is called), but when i press Play it is all ok.
Can you pls tell me how to fix this?

And one more question, maybe u think it is stupid but I would be gratefull if u would answer me: Is it hard now to make this in game so someone can install it, I started Unity few days ago, so I dont know much about it.

When you open a project, normally (I don’t think it ever does but it might some times) it doesn’t open a scene for the project. So try opening a scene you were working on in that project.

And I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re asking in your last question. Are you asking if you can make a game that someone would have to install? If so, see if this helps you http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/80390-Creating-an-MSI-(Windows-installer)-for-Unity-games

Answer to pic you posted below: Make sure at the top left it says Textured and RGB and everything should be fine. (For people looking at this for an answer)

  1. Blue is the default background colour of the main camera, so that’s what you’ll see in the game view when there’s no other gameobjects in view.

  2. “Install”? If you make a windows standalone game, it doesn’t have to be installed - you just run the compiled .exe file that Unity creates.