Unity update for Xcode 9 and iOS 11?

I am sure I’m not alone but I cannot seem to find an answer by digging though the Forums or Answers here at Unity. So here goes:

When is there going to be an update of Unity for Xcode 9 so we can build for iOS 11?

Right now I am stuck. My Unity is current but my Xcode is 8.3.3 (previous version before their very recent update to 9.0.0) and with this “old” version of Xcode I cannot build or test on my iOS 11 phone/pad (which was updated yesterday). I also cannot build from Unity to Xcode 9, at least not yet.

I know Unity will be updated, probably soon, but I was looking for some details that I can relay to my other dev team members. Thanks.

Hi, brklemz
Sorry for Japanese page, but I hope it help you.