unity vertex order

In modo, I have a single unified mesh with NO uv’s, and a single material. If I import that mesh into unity, I can loop through mesh.triangles and all of the vertices match up perfectly.

Here’s where the trouble comes:
If that same mesh has more than one ‘island’, that is to say, there are a group of triangles that are not welded to the rest, the vert numbers in modo and unity no longer match. I’m trying to figure out why this is happening so I can take steps to get them matching again.

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, so hopefully somebody can help me figure out what’s happening here:

alt text


I addressed a similar problem to automate exportation of BlendShapes from Maya. My basic approach in Maya was to tag vertices with color values when they are exported (using a background Python process). You can effectively use this method to get a lookup into your point order in the modeling application if you need, or to generate a mapping system between your new and old point orders. I imagine you get the idea.

I have a video here showing how I use it: - YouTube
And all of my source code is free via the asset store: Maya Extensions | Tools | Unity Asset Store

Though it may not solve your problem directly, maybe there’s an idea in there you can use.