Unity Video ads closing when player leaves app.

Hi guys,

We have Unity video ads integrated nicely on our mobile game. However, every time a video ad is played in between levels, the player can skip it by leaving the app (home button for iOS, back button for Android) and the opening it again immediately.

Is this behaviour intended by Unity? I remember this is not the case a few months ago when we first released our game - ads were persistent back then.

Currently on Unity 5.3.5f1, and using Unity Ads from Services tab.

Looking forward to your insights.

This would be intended behaviour as exiting an app SHOULD stop ads playing. You can’t force a user to watch an ad no matter what! Each ad should already have a close button so that the user can simply close it if they choose to.

I would be very very suprised if Apple and Google didn’t reject an app that forced ads on their customers even if the app had been closed!

If Unity was continuing to display an ad even after the user pressed home or back to exit your app then this would have been a very serious bug in Unity’s ad implementation!

bump! I having this issue on my game. did you solve this?