Unity Video Import Bug

I actually have two questions. The first is how exactly do I play a video in Unity. My video is in the logo so I am guessing it involves a new scene and a plane. Second is that I have been getting this error for sometime from Unity :

Movie importing requires Quicktime to be installed.
UnityEditorInternal.InternalEditorUtility:ProjectWindowDrag(HierarchyProperty, Boolean)

What I have tried :

Video Format : mp4
Uninstalling Quicktime
Closing Unity
Reinstalling Quicktime
Then Opening Unity

You play a video in Unity by using the example in the documentation:

As you say, if you have a Quad with a texture on it, you can position the movie anywhere in 3d space. So yeah, if it’s a into video, then have a scene with just a camera and a quad.

If you are importing an mp4 then you’ll need a version of QuickTime on your Mac or PC that can process the mp4. (So check that the movie can be played by QuickTime.) As the docs tell you, this is used to do the conversion into Ogg Theora which is the supported video playback format.

I was able to use video with Unity (Unity 5.2.0f3) converting it to the .ogg format with another software before.

I have used SUPER to convert it. But I have to warn you: the installer of this software try to install a lot of crap software. If you want to use SUPER, read carefully to decline the instalation of crap software. Or try to convert the video using other software like the ones posted here: Cannot import movie anymore - Unity Answers

Other solutions that did not work for me (but maybe for you): Movie Importing Requires QuickTime to be installed - Unity Answers