Unity Vision OS UI Error (Vision OS, MR, Bounded)

When I initially loaded the title scene and brought up the title UI, all UI elements were functioning properly. However, when I progressed through the game and returned to the title scene, I encountered an error where several elements were not displaying correctly on the screen. (They didn’t appear at all) The error message appeared as follows.

Additionally, there is a problem with the scroll UI where it extends beyond its designated area. (i couldn’t attach images due to restrictions.)

My Unity Version : 2022.3.20f1 And All packages related Vision Pro have been updated to the latest version.
My Build Option : Vision OS , Mixed Reality, Bounded Volume

I’m curious if Unity’s default UI is still not supported in Bounded Apps.

It is supported in bounded apps. The errors you are seeing look like over releasing of a resource that is being tracked. Unfortunately, without a repro project I can’t really tell you what is going on.

if you can file a bug with a minimal repro project and post the id here (IN-XXXXX) that would help us track down the issues.