📌 Unity visionOS Beta Availability

At our Unite conference this week, we announced that Unity’s beta support for visionOS is now available to all Pro, Enterprise, and Industry subscribers.

As part of the announcement, we have made this Discussions space publicly available to welcome new developers. If you are concerned about confidentiality, please note that you can anonymize your username via Unity ID and/or remove prior posts.

As a reminder, this Discussions space is our dedicated channel for our team to engage with the beta community, answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and communicate important updates. If you think you’ve discovered a bug, please report it via the Unity Bug Reporter, and provide as much context as possible so we can rapidly triage the issue.

Massive thanks to those of you who have helped us get this far, and a big welcome to those of you who are just joining. We’re excited to watch this community grow, and can’t wait to see what you all build!


Why can’t I create new posts on this section but I can elsewhere?

Maybe you can create a new post with selecting a category.
・Mixed Reality (Immersive Apps)
・Virtual Rewality (Fully Immersive) Apps
・Windowed Apps

I forgot discussions.unity.com existed and I posted over on https://forum.unity.com/forums/visionos.968/

Are both monitored by your team? I want to use whichever is more likely to get direct replies from Unity staff.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I and probably others on the core team have been paying a lot more attention to this site, Discussions, since it was the primary forum during the closed beta.

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Thanks Andy! Responded to you on Unity Forums as well, but for the awareness of folks in this space, we’ll be consolidating all future discussions here, on Unity Discussions.

That’s great news! Plus subscriber here. What happens if I upgrade my plan to Pro now, using the upgrade offer from Unity, but I choose to switch at the regular end of the subscription term (in my case, July 2024)? Could I still use the Vision Pro packages right away, or would I have to wait?

Hey Waldgeist, you will need to have an active Unity Pro entitlement within Unity Hub and the Unity Editor to gain access to Unity’s visionOS support packages.

Ok, Thanks. Does that mean that I would have to switch my tier immediately, i.e. months before it would usually renew, to get access to Vision Pro support?

Yes, you will need to switch your tier from Plus to Pro, to have an active Unity Pro entitlement within Unity Hub and the Unity Editor .
You can also start experimenting with a 30-day Pro Trial as well.

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Thanks for the clarification, highly appreciated.

Is there a way to start the Pro trial in an existing org?

I am already trying to setup the required software for that now, but I am struggling with setting up the environment. It seems as if Apple has taken down the vision OS beta 4 image in the meantime, which is required by PolySpatial.

Yes, you should be able to, the entry point to getting a Pro trial is here: Unity Pro Trial Configure Plan - Unity Store

We have taken note of visionOS beta 4 being unavailable. In the meantime, you can also begin previewing with Apple’s new visionOS beta 6 release. While we are still running this release through our full suite of tests, we can share that there were no issues when running our samples in the visionOS simulator and on device (using package release 0.6.2, Unity 2022.3.13f1, Xcode 15.1 beta 3, visionOS beta 6).

There may still be issues which we’ve not identified yet, and will share those if they come up.

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Hey! Are there any information about requirements for deploying visionOS solutions on Apple Store?

Awesome, thanks for the super fast response! Great to hear that I might be able to use Xcode 15.1 beta 3 and visionOS beta 6 now. Will try it out.

I went there and I can select the trial. However, I have to provide a credit card and the price is set to 2.2k. This is not the price I am getting when I would upgrade my Plus plan. Is there a way to get the trial if I am still on my Plus plan, but for the Plus org?

Hey Waldgeist, it would be best to clarify this with a Unity Expert who can provide more details about your specific context.

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Thanks, did not know about this way to get in touch.

Is the Pro requirement just during the visionOS Beta (i.e. will be it be available in Unity Personal and similar tiers once released)?

As a hobbyist, I’m not going to be able to swing $2K/seat/year until I’ve got a product earning income to pay for it (and I’m not good enough to generate a full app during a 30-day trial), so the answer to this determines whether I can use Unity or have to develop directly to Apple’s APIs instead.

Thanks for the question! We haven’t communicated how Unity’s visionOS support will be available at release, and we’re going to continue evaluating our options there.