[Unity & Vive Pro Eye] Can NOT align blendshapes(Shape Tables) and input element columns ?

Hello, I’m new to Unity.

Now, trying to develop the Unity project for HTC Vive Pro Eye, but facing a weird problem with the SRanipal_AvatarEyeSample_v2 script.

Just like the below figures show, the script can NOT correctly align blendshapes and input element columns.

This situation happens no matter in the ViveSR sample scene or my customized avatar, created by Character Creator3.

I can not control the facial expression of my customized avatar due to this bug.

I guess it happened due to the Editor script; however, I can not find it in ViveSR folder.

Does anyone know how to solve it? Or do this bug happened due to Unity bug?


ViveSR sample scene

My customized avatar

As a newcomer to Unity, I think I got more or less the same question. How do I make an UMA avatar to mirror my facial behaviour (eyes and lips)? I have the HTC Vive pro eye device and it works great with their own avatar, however, I want to use the SRanipal SDK with another avatar and I haven’t found anyone who has done anything alike yet. Do you know where to start?