Unity VR Camera Controls for Looking..

Hello guys, I’m currently working on a VR Walk through application for mobiles. I have all the 3D assets ready but now I’m stuck at implementing the VR part. I have a VR headset( not Occulus or Gear, but a rather simple one) and i want the camera in my app to follow my head movement when i put my mobile into the headset so that i can look around the 3D environment in the app.
After searching for this, I tried few methods, like creating a game object and putting camera into it and all, but couldn’t get it to work.
I am more of an 3D artist than a unity artist so any detailed help would be greatly appreciated.

Use the Google VR SDK for Unity to get started: Downloads and samples  |  Google VR  |  Google for Developers
The package includes a prefab which you can drag-and-drop to your scene.