Unity VR texture shimmer?

I’m not sure why this happens with this asset

I’m trying to use a low poly asset with grass tile and when I play the scene the tiling shimmers a lot, more on the green parts of the asset. Here’s a couple of gifs showing it happening:

I notice it happens more when tiles that are further away, when you walk up close to them it doesn’t happen as much but It’s much more noticable when wearing the headset than the display. I’ve when thru numerous vr optimization tutorials and even tried Valve’s Lab renderer with no luck. Any tips on what could be causing this?

(It seems to be only happening with this asset so far, I’ve tried a few other low poly assets and they seem fine, even without a VR shader.

What you’re seeing occurs when you have a noisy texture (a fairly common trait of grass-like textures) and distance. Even with basic texture filtering, when the 3D engine is trying to decide which pixel to draw, it will still only decide on a single point on the texture. The noisier the texture is, the greater the potential difference is between any pixel, especially at a greater distance.

This is often able to be mitigated through Mipmapping. This generates lower-resolution, scaled-down versions of your texture to display at greater distance.

Under ordinary circumstances, this means you’ll just have a blurry version of your texture for use at long distances, so that the contrast will be forced to be lower between pixels. In the most extreme example, however, if you have a checkerboard texture, then a mipmapped version would become a solid-gray image at a distance. Mipmapping isn’t a universally perfect solution to this problem, but it’s typically the primary solution.