Unity VR (XR) enable/disable VR on startup in Editor and as standalone.

Hi devs,

I have a game which supports both VR and non VR play mode.
To start a game with or without VR support I run .exe with argument -vrmode None or -vrmode OpenVR.

In editor I have additional play buttons to start game in editor for VR or without.
I use:

sdks[0] = noneVR;

sdks[1] = openVR;

PlayerSettings.SetVirtualRealitySDKs(BuildTargetGroup.Standalone, sdks);

Unity throws warnings that this method is obsolete:

‘PlayerSettings.SetVirtualRealitySDKs(BuildTargetGroup, string)’ is obsolete: ‘This API is obsolete, and should no longer be used. Please use XRManagerSettings in the XR Management package instead.’

How can I use new API, to decide VR/non-VR mode, before game runs in editor or standalone?

Please check this out: Unity - Manual: XR Project set up