Unity VSync & Targetframerate Stutter

Im sure this has been asked many times, however.

Even in the most basic of empty projects, compiled or in the unity editor
Any Vsync or Targetframerate set in a project causes game killing stutter.

I have tested this on a large amount of hardware, AMD & Intel CPUs, and AMD/Nvidia GPUs and I have this problem on all of them.

Right now, my development machine has a AMD R9 Fury X, and an Intel 6700k. So performance is really not the issue, especially when it does this in empty projects (so please dont ask about GC or any optimiztion). I have tried different refresh rates, and forcing my GFX Drivers to use VSync instead of the application, I had no luck.

Using an external program to limit FPS works, but that is not ideal, especially for others playing a unity game who have this issue (its very common… yet I found no solutions so far)

Only unity, and games made in unity do this on my machines.

I have attached an image of the Profiler in one of my Projects here.

You can see every time it goes to limit the FPS wether VSync or Targetframerate it will do nothing for a split second which causes that lag.

Is there any solution anyone has come accross for this?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m experiencing the same issue, by limiting the frame using the application.targetframerate Unity Kills the kills the Frame Spacing by giving a high varience between them.
More details here, please if anyone found a solution for it, post it here: https://forum.unity.com/threads/game-jittering-when-less-than-60fps-even-at-59.795111/#post-5334555.

More Details in this thread.