Unity Vuforia INIT Error

INIT ERROR is displayed when I try to build & run my unity project on Vuzix m300. I have one simple image target and a sphere on it to test if it runs successfully, when I play in Unity it acts as expected, but when I run it on Vuzix m300 it displays INIT ERROR. I am running Unity on Mac OS. Any possibilities to fix this issue? Please let me know, I am really stuck.

It got fixed automatically.

How it got solved???

We are facing similar problem. Although we are not getting any init error. We are using Unity 2018.1.6 and trying the simple project as above for Vuzix M300. It runs fine in editor but when we build the app and run in Vuzix M 300, it just shows “Made with Unity” flash screen and than nothing is shown… Blank screen. The Vuzix M300 Camera is fine as it works otherwise. But when this simple app runs, its led is turned on, but nothing is captured/or shown inside it…
Can you show some direction…