Unity water causes frame drops and freezes (Unity 5)

I am currently making a very large terrain in a game that I am creating which adds hundreds of thousands of trees and grass (although the range on these objects is limited so only about 50 mesh trees are shown at any time) and the game runs steadily at a constant 60 FPS on my system.

When I go to add in minuscule (like a tiny pond) amounts of water, the frame rate stays constant at about 60 FPS, but the minute I look at the water or start the game there is a freeze of about 2 seconds which then transitions into an unsteady 60 FPS. The same thing happens when I look away from the water. Even if I travel 50-100 units away from the water and glance at the pond’s general direction there will be a massive freeze of about 1-2 seconds. Gameplay just stops. This happens with the Water4Advanced prefab, the Water4Simple prefab, and both the WaterPro Day and Night prefabs.

Any idea what could be causing this? Help is greatly appreciated!

Unity’s default water is really sadly coded, Water4 looks amazing so it’s worth the frames in some parts.

Try using this system, it looks a lot better than WaterPro but takes a good 30-60 minutes to set up.

Oh, crap… they made it cost money.

Maybe it will go free again soon, but if not then there’s that link, it doesn’t affect my frames at all. It’s just a shader, no scripts.