Unity Water Pro ?

Hi guys i would like to ask something in unity stand alone version you get this water scripts and etc. if you place the water panel on the screen when you add the textures and then select shader for it from FX you get Simple (Water). Now in the Unity BootCamp Demo in the water shader there is a shader called "FX/Water GrabPass " is this shader only available in Unity Pro Please Help thanks in advance :)

yes. a lot of the island assets are pro only. i somehow ended up with an asset called "waterPro" and another one called "waterSimple", the only difference is the shade of the water as far as i can tell, but in the original project i found the pro one in, it had reflections and refractions and all kinds of neat little effects that dont work when i use it in a test project. it doesnt create any errors or anything, it just refuses to function. sadly, there's a lot of stuff like that in indie.

you could try importing the asset into your own project and applying it to your water object, but theres no guarantee it will work.