Unity Web Player corporate environment setup

We need to get the Unity Web Player approved for installation in one of our client’s corporate environments. One requirement is that they can control what content is executed within the plug-in (to allow our training/simulation content while blocking unity games from the web). One possible way to achieve this is setup their corporate proxy to only allow *.unity3d files from certain domains. However there is no file extension enforced in the unity web player, and it is easy enough for a knowledgeable person to circumvent this by hosting unity content under a different filename.

Is there any restrictions that can be enforced in the Unity Web Player from an administration perspective? Registry settings somewhere? Ideally an allowed list of domains that can serve unity3d files to the web player. But even a boolean that enforces a certain file extension would work (as the corporate proxy approach can then be used).

There are no settings you can apply to the web player that I know of. You could block all unity3d files, and call yours a tyson3d file. I can’t believe that anyone would seriously create a game that used a different name for the unity content. Alternatively get the client to white list sites that can be visited.