Unity Web Player crashes during game play

I have been playing Marvel Super Hero Squad (www.heroup.com) for quite some time now without any problems. The game uses the Unity Web Player browser plug-in as the interface. However, recently I have been experiencing game crashes - without warning or visible error messages - which not only crashes my browser session, but causes my entire computer to reboot.

I have had my computer checked out, and everything is operating fine and is all up to date.

I opened a ticket with HeroUp support, but they have denied any issues with their code. Rather, they have indicated that the issue lies with the Unity Web Player browser plug-in.

Can you please provide some insights into how I can resolve this issue?

Uninstall the web player on your computer, then re-install it by going to the Heroup website again.

Also make sure your graphics card and sound drivers are up to date.