Unity Web Player Not Working and Solutions Not Working Either!

I’ve been doing this course and I have made a web build of a game using Unity 4.7.2f1.
However, no matter what unity web built game I try to play, they show me a screen prompting an install of Unity Web Player. I have installed it several times, restarted firefox and still nothing.

I googled up this 2 and it explains how to do it on google chrome. I’m using Firefox52. I tried enabling NPAPI on firefox but I couldn’t figure out how to do it for the unity plugin.

I found this other link which suggested downloading Firefox ESR version. I did and ran it and reinstalled the web player again. Restarted browser. Still nothing. I know I could use UNITY5 and create a WebGL based game instead, but I already have 3 games which are built for the web player and plugin.

Can anyone please help me with this issue? Thanks!

Firefox, Chrome and Edge no longer support NPAPI plugins (except Flash for the time being).

You need to move on to WebGL or stick with older versions of these browsers (not recommended).