Unity Web Player . . . What Does It Do?

See title . i Dont Get the Purpose Or How To Use It. I Just Downloaded Unity 3D Not Even 10 secs Ago Lol. So Please Help?

The Unity Web Player is a browser plugin that allows you to view 3D worlds/games created using unity inside a browser.

Try these games , you will be able to play them using the Unity Web Player http://unity3d.com/gallery/game-list/

the unity web player is a plugin that allows you to see content developed by unity game engine. the plugin is safe and developers work with it in a really safe sandbox. no reg or file system access and no dlls. don't worry. the IE part of the plugin is an activex control and the firefox/safari parts are their plugins. there are many games on the net that you can play them with unity web player.

link textcan i play kogama without unity web player?