Unity Web Priority


Is there a way to set the unity web player priority to something lower? It seems to fight a lot with some browsers and components making them unusable.


You can change the max framerate (targetFramerate variable)

Otherwise it has the max priority the browser allows for plugins, so its up to the browser to impact that. It won’t go beyond 50 / 60 fps though so it should be rather lite if you opted the game for web and not desktop (high quality art by default instead of lower with option to raise it in options or alike)

As such it should not cause problems unless you by error post it into a blog stream or alike or use it as “ad banner” and hope to get fluent scrolling etc. I would highly recommend against that, as unity is not lightweight and sleeping like flash when its not changing, unity is running in a 3d context and constantly rendering frames, at least 1 per second :slight_smile: