Unity webgl game sharing

Started building a small dynamic service to upload unity web gl games so they can be shared more easily than putting up individual html pages for each, so that I can embed them just like a youtube video

Here's a source code example:

<iframe src="https://www.supergamebros.com/UnityEmbed/game.php?id=game_adventuredogs" width="750" height="450" scrolling="no" style="overflow:visible; border:none; width:750px; height:450px;">
IFrames Dont Work :'(

Here's an example of it working:

Would like to get some feedback on if anyone thinks this would be something worth using.

What exactly are you providing? Are you hosting the games and you have an easy to use site for uploading the games?

Its trivial to add a WebGL game to a web server or hosted service like wordpress, so I assume this is what you are doing, but you don't have any details.

I imagine it could be interesting when one wants to temporarily share a demo and to get feedback, and then delete as soon as it has served its purpose.
A drag and drop thing like YouTube, cannot say it's not convenient and time saving :)

Your demo doens't show any of that which is why I said "Are you hosting the games and you have an easy to use site for uploading the games?"

If thats the case then, yes, that would be useful.

That's basically what it is, right now it's a simple form to upload files to a webservera and saves values into a database, and generates the iframe src. The id param in the iframe link references back to the database to grab the files so one piece of html code could load any game.
Wanted something to make it simpler/quicker to embed into various pages. The demo was just showing the game embedded in a post.