Unity WebGL Unrecognized Feature

I am publishing a Unity WebGL game. The game works as expected on my device localhost. But when I published it on itch.io or unity play, it is showing “Unrecognized feature…” error. And the game stuck while loading.

I am using unity 2020.3.16f and I didn’t use any extra WebGL template. And I am not even using features indicated in the error message : ‘monetization, gamepad, xr’

I’d like to know if anyone had faced that kind of problem before and how can I fix it. Thank you in advance.

Those are just warnings and not errors. So they most likey have nothing to do with your issue. Have you checked the network tab when you reload the page? Compare it to your locally hosted behaviour. Common issues are when you provide pre-compressed data files and the server does not provide the correct mime type of the resources. Though could trip up the loader.

There’s not much we could do or say about your issue. We only have those screenshots you provided which aren’t really helpful to understand your issue. We can not do the debugging work for you.