Unity Webplayer and Dlls


I just wanted some clarification about Unity Webplayer and Dlls. It seems to be possible the use Dlls in a Webplayer but sometimes I see that it’s not possible ?

In which case we can’t use Dlls for Webplayer ?

From what I think, It’s not possible to load Dlls Dynamically in the Webplayer because of some security reason. But if we include the Dlls in the project there is no problems ?

From the documentation :

Note: On the desktop platforms, plugins are a pro-only feature. For security reasons, plugins are not usable with webplayers.

Thanks a lot for you clarification.

You have to distinguish between native code dlls and managed code dlls. Managed code dlls (.NET libraries) can be used without any problems in a webbuild as long as it’s a pure managed dll and not a mixed-mode dll. So if you try to use plugins or other native code function from a dll it won’t work.

100% managed dlls should always work as long as it doesn’t use a class or a function that isn’t supported by Unity or the webplayer. See the Mono compatibility page for a full list of all .NET classes / methods which are supported.