Unity Webplayer causes page to scroll to its bottom edge

Hi All,

I have a unity webplayer imbedded on my website, but far enough down the page that the user should have to scroll to get to it.

As soon as the page has finished loading, and the unity webplayer’s loading screen appears, the website scrolls to the frame that the webplayer is held in. I have edited the html embed code, but it seems the call is within the Unity u.initPlugin ( jQuery ( #div , content ) );

I’ve set the program to run in the background, but I’m not sure if there’s much else I can do. I don’t want to have to wait for my program to load and then call a script on the site to scroll back, as the site will then still be scrolled down whilst the player is initially loading.

Anyone had this issue before?

Take a look at the answer here: Prevent Unity Web Player from seizing the focus. - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

It’s not a great solution, but it’s the best option I’ve been able to find…