unity webplayer input


Im trying now for a couple of days now to understand how to pass values between a webpage and a webplayer.

the problem is that im not an exprienced programmer,im preety comfortable around basic c but thats about it. sometimes i read stuff but it doesnt work, or the explanation is lacking or assuming to much knowledge.

now bare in mind that im a complete novice.

i have asp.net website(more like a page) which speaks with sql databse.(built with vs2010, took me many many hrs aswell :slight_smile: ).

now i want that page to pass values to the webplayer. i tried diffrent things over the past few days and endless amount of hrs. (connecting direcly to sql database, connecting to sqllite through unity, etc). i read about java, javascript, html, asp.net, visual studio, sqllite my sql and whole lot of other tools and languages which i dont even remember.

after days of reading i understand now that it is prolly best to have unity to call to some php scripts to get input and output from the database.
and not having unity webplayer to talk directly with database.

is that really the way? can anyone provide me with some instructions on how to achive this?

Best Regards

Hey Ron,

Sorry to bring up an old question and i have no idea if you solved it. I know for php there is a framework you can purchase at the asset store that will send data between the two. What you can do though is just have your game print data out to a text file, and then have asp handle the text file and do the data from there, ajax would help with that two.