unity webplayer not loading after integrating Scorm!

Hello everyone,

I’m facing a problem just after integrating scorm in my unity project(Unity4.2). I have downloaded the package from this 1

I have also checked with the tutorial available here. Both the case, after following all the steps, The web build that gets created always shows the error “install the unity webplayer to run”. I tried reinstalling the webplayer too.

I don’t have LMS placed right now and I was checking with simulation(I did uncomment the appropriate line at the bottom of ScormSimulator.js in the /assets/webplayertemplates/scorm/scripts/ folder as mentioned in the DOC).

I have seen scorm compatible issues with unity4 + versions. But i couldn’t find the latest version of scorm unity package for the other unity versions.
If there are new versions out please post the links here.

Appreciate any help regrading the same…


I got this working ! Who ever wants to download the latest unity - scorm integration package Please download it from here

This package works fine with Unity 4 + versions .