Unity WebPlayer not working

Hello, I am having problems with unity webplayer. I am successful when downloading and installing webplayer. but when i try to build my game with webplayer(not webplayer streamed), it just says i need to download unity webplayer on the online HTML it sends me to, or the site it sends me to.


  • i am using unity 2.6 and dont want to really switch to unity3.0 because my friend had all of his assets deleted when doing that.

  • using windows

  • downloading it to my documents.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

When it told you to download the webplayer on the built webpage, did you download it? (it most likely has a reason to bother you)

Also, Unity 3.0 will not delete all of your assets. It will re-configure your assets and references between them so your project cannot be opened in previous versions of Unity, but it will definitely not delete your assets. If you are concerned, just back up your project.