Unity webplayer ubuntu

is possible to have a linux version of unity webplayer? i can’t play some online games without it. If no, there’s a method to use webplayer with wine? i’ve tried but it doesn’t work to me. thanks for the answers

I think you must wait Unity 4 official realease and Linux support.
But it’s not plan for the moment…

but you can try this :
Native Client export for Chrome runs on Linux, though, IIRC – that’s kind of like a webplayer…

For more informations you can read all the comments here :

Unity Technologies do not provide a Unity Web Player for Linux browsers. I also haven’t heard any plans on doing so.


Previously Linux users tried to install Windows versions of internet browsers to run the Unity Web Player using Wine.

The Pipelight project has made a plugin for native Linux browsers. It still uses Wine, but at least you won’t deal with Windows versions of internet browsers. See the community set up wiki page - http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php/Running_Unity_Web_Player_on_Linux_using_Pipelight