Unity Webserver Communication

Hi All,

Looking for some advice here. I have a webserver linked to a database and my application is going to be sending and receiving large amounts of information/data with the webserver. I’m planning on using the WWW class for most of my communication, and I’m comfortable with sending data via this format.
My query is with regards to receiving data, as I’m going to need to receive various data which will sometimes be text, but could sometimes be an image.

How do I setup my WWW receiver to determine whether text data or image data has been sent from the webserver?
Is it as simple as checking the WWW data after it’s been received (e.g. if (WWW.texture != null) )?

P.s. The webserver will be sending and receiving data through a series of “Get” and “Post” requests.

Any help at all would be great :slight_smile:

Well, if you make a request with WWW to a resource that you happen to know is an image, then you’ll want to use WWW.texture, or treat the response as binary data and convert this to an image. If your request is to a resource that you know is text, then treat the reply as text. :wink: If your requests to the web server are made and you do not know whether the server will return an image or a text document, then maybe make a second call to the server and ask it if the first was a binary or text asset.