Unity WheelCollider.GetWorldPos expecting ), found 'pos' fix ?!

I want to get the tire meshes to the WheelCollider position. But there are a few errors. (Here I use a test script)

#pragma strict
var Wheel_1 : WheelCollider;

public function Update () 
	Wheel1.GetWorldPose(out pos = Vector3,out quat = Quaternion);

Errors :

  • Assets/MyAssets/Scripts/getworldpose.js(6,33):
    BCE0044: expecting ), found ‘pos’.
  • Assets/MyAssets/Scripts/getworldpose.js(6,46):
    BCE0043: Unexpected token: ,.
  • Assets/MyAssets/Scripts/getworldpose.js(6,47):
    UCE0001: ‘;’ expected. Insert a
    semicolon at the end.
  • Assets/MyAssets/Scripts/getworldpose.js(6,50):
    UCE0001: ‘;’ expected. Insert a
    semicolon at the end.
  • Assets/MyAssets/Scripts/getworldpose.js(6,68):
    BCE0043: Unexpected token: ).

What am I doing wrong ?

P.S.: Wheel1.GetWorldPose(out pos = Vector3,out quat = Quaternion) : void; also doesnt work.


What you have written inside the parentheses, is taken directly from the docs no? The docs show the signature of the method, not how its supposed to be used. This method is meant to be used in this way:

var pos : Vector3;
var quat : Quaternion;
Wheel1.GetWorldPose(pos, quat);

After this method call, the variable pos will contain the world position of Wheel1 and quat the rotation Quaternion.