Unity Wi-FI Direct support?

I am working on a new open source project called Navi (everything is on this github repo). In short, it is a system that transfers the sensor data via a local router to your PC for use cases in virtual reality. The system works well when connected to a local router. However, in cases where there is no available router, I still want to be able to connect two devices. As a quick hack, I am able to turn on mobile hotspot using an Android device and use that as the router. However, after doing some testing with it in crowded areas, I realized that the connection tends to break up fairly easily (my guess is the noise interferes with the signal). That made me think that I should support other types of connections such as Wi-Fi direct or bluetooth. I have looked at the AllJoyN framework, but it seems that they have discontinued Unity support (they have support in older releases for Android and Windows, but that is not ideal). To start with, I would really like to add a simple multi-platform Wi-Fi direct connection using Unity. However, I am not sure if this is supported with the given UNET API and was wondering if people have suggestions for frameworks that can be used to make this work with Unity.

EDIT: I got a response on the Unity forums that suggest I would have to write a platform specific plugin for each supported platform. Obviously this is not ideal, and in fact if this was the case, I would use the older AllJoyN release. Does anyone see pros/cons to either solution? Alternatively, I am open to other suggestions to improve performance of the connection.

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GitHub - saltyJeff/UnityWifiDirect: adding wifi direct to Unity3d (applies only to Android)

Hi VMohan, great job! I’m trying to do the same thing!
First at all, I believe that is necessary to make a wrapper for Windows using native code like here:

After that, I believe that is necessary to make a plugin fo Android using native code like here:

I find anything else at this moment!
Look for updates.
Regards, Lennon.

this plugin make connection over wifi on android phones. you can connect to pc too.