Unity Windows Store build problems

Hey everybody,

I’ve encountered a problem when building a project with Windows Store selected. I want to build a project so I can deploy it on the Microsoft HoloLens.
The problems begin when adding a C# class. If I add one I will get this error:

The errors (CS2001) are complaining about a file 2 files that couldn’t be found.
But one off them is using the full path of the project with appdata behind it and the other one is only my front name, so a nonexistent path.

I do have a space in my username, but that shouldn’t break anything right?

I’ve already tried to reinstall unity and I’ve also reinstalled Windows for other reasons, so that’s not the case.

Does somebody has a suggestion what to do next, that would be much appreciated.

I found the solution.
The problem was the TMP and TEMP environment variables.

They were pointing to a symbolic link which was not the real path.
This is the reason that the paths were kind of derping.

The solution was to set the TMP and TEMP environment variables to a correct path.