unity with OpenGL ES2.0 is really slow on iPhone4...

a scene with 1.9k Triangles and 2.4k vertex totally,really simple.VertexLit for all materials. only one spotlight.

With "Target Platform" setting to armv6(OpenGL ES1.1) and "Target Resolution" Setting to Native(I want to 960x640 solution.) It run 30 fps on iPhone4.When I change "Target Platform" to Universal armv6+armv7(OpenGLES1.1+2.0),the fps drops down to 10fps. In the instrument the fillrate is 100% (Renderer Utilization).What happend to programmable pipeline on iPhone?

I have also played infinity blade on iPhone4.Does any one know wheather it uses ES2.0 or just ES1.1?(It works only on SGX, I think it should use ES2.0...)



That's to the es2 question, yes it does use 2.0.

OpenGL ES2.0 uses more advanced shaders. Use the new mobile shaders we added at Unity 3.2.