Unity won't let me add scripts to objects?

I downloaded unity a few days ago. I’m new to it but i checked out some tutorials to get a better understanding. When I try adding a script to an object it says Can’t add script, script has not finished compilation yet. Please wait until compilation of the script has finished and try again. I don’t know how to fix it so as much detail you can provide would be helpful.

Thanks in advance

Im not sure whether compiling means unity is proofreading your script to check for errors or if it means its converting it to a certain format, maybe neither of these. However if it is one of those 2 then your computer is taking a long time to do this task. Maybe if your script has huge errors then unity cant compile it. I would say if you’re just starting with unity then reinstall it. Also install the secure version of monodevelop and not the newest one as it has a bug and its what unity probably installed, it happened to me like 4 days ago. Lastly please post your script here. If it has an error myself and everyone else can help you with your troubleshooting.

It’s likely that you have a script with an error in it, so Unity can’t finish compiling anything (because it can’t get passed the error).

You need to open the Console and see where the error(s) are. Menu is Window>Console. When the console opens double click on the errors to be taken to the source code that is at fault.