Unity won't play ANY sounds

I have the newest 4.3 and am using both my own sounds and the ones that came with the new 2d example project.
I select my sound in the project asset window and click on play in the inspector preview window where is shows the wave form, but the play button stays blue and the timecode and white vertical progress bars shows on the wave form, but it doesn’t move or do anything.
The files are only ±80kb so it isn’t a loading issue with mine and I am trying the ones that come with the tutorial in case I have a bit depth that won’t work or something.
Can anybody figure out why it won’t play.
(tried in code and preview won’t work when playing either)
It WILL play however when I do a final build and run (publish).

In the top of the scene view there is an icon of a speaker. The tool tip: “Toggle audio on or off”. Toggle it

It happened same as @redteardrop to me, and I am using Windows 10. Sometimes worked fine, but sometimes not. Anybody helps?