Unity won't register with internet

Hi, I'm using Windows Vista and I downloaded Unity. It installed fine, and when I run it it tells me I need to activate it. I use the internet method and I get the error: "Internet activation server returned an unknown error (12057). Press OK to manually activate your software. ID: ePAY : 16007 / WPSW:767" And I have no idea how I manually activate it, either.

Same Eror For me too! Also Manualy Activation Dosen't Work for me!

They are having server issues apparently, maybe due to demand. Here is the manual workaround they are recommending to everyone:


Some people had to register for free 30-day trial period to get around the errors.

Having said that, it appears from the comments that the flood of problems might be easing, so hopefully it'll all be worked out shortly.