Unity wont start up - black window...please help?

this is my first time using Unity (I use Unreal Engine 4 with no problems). I downloaded and installed Unity with no errors. When I double click Unity to open, it goes to a blue splash screen with a cube on it that says “Unity”, then opens a window that is black.62752-unity-wont-startjpg.jpg

I have attached a picture of my desktop.

It is not frozen, nor loading. I can move the window around, and I can left and right click on it. It just seems empty or blank.There are no file menus or anything past this. I left this window open for a couple hours, and nothing progressed past this black screen.

Can someone please help me figure out how to startup Unity so that I may use the program? thank you,

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Same problem here. It seems that Unity was connecting to its server to check for license status. After a lone wait, it showed the login window and everything was ok then.