Unity Xcode - Apple Mech-O Linker Error

Hi I have been trying yo solve this problem for days (50 Google Pages), cannot build to test on mt iPhone due to these 2 errors.




Solutions I have tried and failed.

  • turn bitcode off
  • turn modules on
  • add -ObjC
  • add frameworks (adsupport, GoogleMobileAds, UImessage)

Possible problems maybe occurring in GoogleMobileAds, as I see _GetIDFA, which refers to Ads, but I still don’t know.

I tried looking for file Bulk_Assebmly-CSharp_1.o but could only find file Bulk_Assebmly-CSharp_1.cpp, not sure if they are the same file, but looking at the error is looks like it exists.

If you need anymore information please ask, building this to Android was simple, no problems.

This game contains

  • Google Admob Plugin for just the Banner
  • In app purchases, enabled for on unity

This is Unity 5.6.2f1

After 2 weeks of research 65 google pages, 16 builds on unity, 16 builds on xCode, each build taking about 15-20 mins, on a slow MacBook.
I finally found the solution

What I did was,

  1. I had to remove 2 plugins, EG align and some music steamer plugin.
  2. Then I added all frameworks under the sun, idk which framework made it work but I imported.

MessageUI.framework, StoreKit.framework, SystemConfiguration.framework, GoogleAd frame work (I forget the name), AdSupport.framework, AudioToolbox.framework, MessageUI.framework, SystemConfiguration.framework, StoreKit.framework, UIKit.framework, Foundation.framework, CoreGraphics.framework.

  1. I just Enable Modules (C and Objective-C).

Now, if anyone can think of the frame works that could of made it work that would be nice, coz I don’t think I needed that many frame works.

I know fameworks I added togeather did not make a change such as, the googleAds famework, messageUI, Adsupport.