Unity2d: Connecting animations

I’m just trying to make a 2d simple runner game : just a stickman running and jumping obstacles.
I have made the running animation and the jumping one but i don’t know how to connect them.
I know how to start the jumping animation(animator and jump state) but my problem is how to connect the two animations smoothly.
I’ll try to explain:
When the jumping animation starts it istantly play that but the running animation is going so when the jumping one kicks in make a mess with the body parts of my poor stickman because the animator goes from the actual keyframe of the running animation to the first of the jumping one.
I don’t know how i can connect them in a proper way.

What you are looking for is Animation Blending. You can do that with mecanim.

See this tutorial: Unity 4.0 - Mecanim Animation Tutorial - YouTube