(Unity2D) having a gameobject "orbit" around another object.

I’m currently learning 2D unity as part of a college game design course. For my project I decided to make what essentially boils down to a Zelda clone since in the process of making it I would be able to learn many of the essentials (Such as AI, Static variable management, saving and loading, etc).

One of the issues I’m having is with one of the enemy types. If any of you ever played the 2D GameBoy Color Zelda games, there is a knight enemy with a ball and chain that sort of “orbits” around him at a fixed radius.

For the life of me I can’t seem to reproduce it in code. I’ve searched around the forums and found fixed orbit code for 3D projects, but so far none for 2D. I tried setting it’s pivot point far outside the center of the sprite and altering it’s transform.eulerAngles.z, but that just caused it to rotate in place, rather than around it’s actual pivot point.

I don’t have any code to show since I don’t know where to start, but I do have a diagram of the desired effect.

Please ignore the fact that the circle in the diagram below is in fact an oval. It’s supposed to be a circle but I’m in kind of a rush.


If nothing else works, you can make the ball a child of an empty gameobject that is at the exact place you want the pivot to be, and rotate that.