Unity2D Hill Climb Racing Tutorial or Project

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I tried for the last 48 hours to create a game like Hill Climb racing.
But I’m done and now I have two options.

Give up or asking for help.

Because i got so many question to get the game done, its easier to ask this question.
Does someone have a really good Tutorial on this Subject or got a Project on his pc who wants to share it?

I need a Project/Tutorial, for an Controller to work like Hill Climb racing :slight_smile:

My Status:
My car drives, and rotates in the air, but it behaves not normal at cliffs…
And the driving doesn’t feel right…

At Cynikal, I looked at the Asset Store and purchased 2 Assets, which helped a lot. But i stuck and asked for some help of a script or a demo project to see how others would approach this problem.

Although this is a pretty old thread posting the link for anyone who might be interested!