Unity2D - How do you Color.lerp a SpriteRenderer sprite to white?

Due to the SpriteRenderer’s color being white, how would I be able to change the Sprite itself to white using color.lerp?

This is my current code trying to lerp a sprite’s color to white.

this.GetComponent<SpriteRenderer>().color = Color.Lerp(this.spriteRenderer.color, Color.white, fadeToWhiteSpeed * Time.deltaTime);

Right now it’s not working because the SpriteRenderer’s color is already set to white.

The renderer color affects the sprite color and can only “add” color to it. White in the renderer means there is no color added. Black means all color added. So the natural image for your sprite would have to be white for this to work and then you’d set the initial renderer color to something darker to color the sprite.