unity2d light system doesnt work

hi guys , im using unity2d , and default sprite material for my gameobjects , but when i add a point light to scene nothing changes , and even when i change the intensity of light , nothing happens again ,
would anybody tell me please,
please that what i should to do for adding light or animating the light intensity in unity2d …
thanx and thanx again for everything

I’m getting that too, Idk what to really do. The best solution is to import those sprites as textures with their own materials, and to use cubes that are thin on the z axis; you can animate the sprites via script by changing the materials of the given object. This will take time, but it will pay off in the future. Also I found another way of going about this: rage pixel is a great free resource for 2d development without all the work. I’ve used it in an old project called Hildonbraek if you wanted to see what you could make with ragepixel.

You should use Sprites > Diffuse shader.