Unity2d(mobile) Drag level screen left/right

Hello and thank you for clicking on this. I have 80 levels, and they are divided in 4 groups of 20.

What I want to achieve is for the player to drag the scene left and right to bring into frame the group of levels he wants to play. Do you see what I’m saying?

I hope you understand the picture attached

Thank you a tonnnnn

considering you are doing it for mobile devices…
you can use the pugin called [Touch Kit][1]

[1]: GitHub - prime31/TouchKit: Gestures and input handling made sane for Unity .
its free plugin which will take care of all the touch related problem like ,pinch zoom,dragging ,rotate with one finger etc

but if you dont want to use this plugin you can always use something like
input.touch function where can put the difference of touch start and touch end to camera pos if user move finger in x -,
you can put that difference in camera x same goes for y .

You can create a scrollview. In container you add the yours levels.
try this Recorded Video Training: Shop UI with Runtime Scroll Lists - Unity Learn