Unity2D Sonic the Hedgehog Physics help needed!

What im trying to do is that in the sonic the hedgehog game I am trying to recreate. I am trying to have sonic move along the ground when he’s running, instead, if sonic hits a small little bump he will run off of it like a ramp. What I want is that when he hits a small bump like that, he runs up and then down the bump. Any Ideas on how I can do this?

I’ve been working on a platformer myself and I wanted the physics to be rather similar to Sonic’s physics and I’ve realised that Unity’s physics engine is realistic. Sonic’s physics aren’t realistic. The answer is to either not use a rigidbody and program your own physics (essentially) or use a rigidbody and try to counter the physics (which is my approach). Have a raycast shoot downwards from the player and record the ‘normal’ of the hit, also have a record of the previous hit. On each fixedUpdate, check if the normal is different to the one before. If it is, then depending on the difference, apply forces appropriately to achieve the movement you’d want. Though, keep in mind that I’ve been trying this for a month now and the physics still aren’t exactly Sonic physics.

Something like this : Loading... ?

I needed help with the same thing as well.