Unity2D UI Image sprite to fill frame

I have an UIImage of a frame 200x200, and a sprite of a frame 200x150, so if I set the sprite of the image to my sprite, it will stretch vertically to fill 200x200. I know I can use preserve aspect property to avoid stretching, and will have a “fit” render mode of my sprite, having edges from top and bottom. What I want is the “fill” render mode, where the sprite is scaled (zoomed) both horizontally and vertically to fit the 200x200 frame (aspect ratio stays the same, so no stretching). I wonder is there a simple property to get the desired effect, or it needs to be manually implemented?

If the frame is 200x200 and the image is 200x150, then you cannot make the image fill the whole frame without stretching. Maybe what you want is to add a background (like letterboxing) so the frame is filled?

I think you need to do that manually: add another gameobject above your image in the hierarchy and give it a black color and the same size frame.