Unity3 CollisionDetection.Continuous for Bullets causing ricochet

I noticed some new rigidbody flags for collision detection methods in unity 3 so I am playing around with it now but was curious if anyone has tried to make a bullet with the new collision routines.

I added a rendertrailer to my bullet sphere and notice that the bullets are ricocheting around the static level mesh as opposed to calling 'OnCollisionEnter' when it ricochets... I guess we still have to do a raycast on a per frame basis?

The docs don't really give many details about the implementation of each flag: ContinuousDynamic, Dynamic, and Discrete.

So it is still better to mark a bullet as Discrete and raycast old -> new position each frame?

Your walls also have to be set to ContinuousCollisionDetection. Dynamic CCD is for moving objects and CCD is for any objects that they can collide with.

I just started with unity, and don't fully understand the question, but are you trying to stop the bullet or handle a bullet collision ?

I wanted to stop projectiles into a wall, so I added a box collider to my wall, then looked for projectile collisions using tags:

function OnCollisionEnter(collision : Collision) {
    if(collision.gameObject.tag == "projectile")
        print("projectile hit at: " + collision.relativeVelocity.magnitude);
    for (var contact : ContactPoint in collision.contacts) {
        Debug.DrawRay(contact.point, contact.normal, Color.white);