[Unity3] How can I fix this shader 'texture' syntax error under 3.0?


Test driving the 3.0 Beta here, hope it's okay to ask a bleeding edge question. I'm encountering the following error when trying to use the ForceField shader from the Wiki:

Shader error in 'Shield': GLSL vertex shader: ERROR: 0:289: 'texture' : syntax error syntax error at line 16 Shader error in 'Shield': Shader program had errors at line 17

The referenced code is:

 15       Pass {            
 16           CGPROGRAM
 17           #pragma vertex vert
 18           #pragma fragment frag
 19           #pragma fragmentoption ARB_fog_exp2
 20           #include "UnityCG.cginc"

Any pointers how I could get this working under 3.0? I checked the included docs, but the syntax still looks the same in there. I realize the syntax may be tentative and I might have to change it again, just want to get it working for the time being.


Ack, I just needed to stare at the error longer.

Seems that "texture" is a keyword now. It is used as a variable name later in the shader. I changed the variable name, and it now compiles fine.

I withdraw this question :-)