Unity3 Terrain.cs assert in editor


Just upgraded to unity3. I'm getting an assert during the editor, and the 'scene' view does not work.

The error printed on the console says; f < INT_MIN || f > INT_MAX UnityEditor.DockArea.OnGui()

Then, at the bottom of the console window, it says Assert in file: E:/BuildAgent/Work/68355d6e5d19sd587/Runtime/Export/Generated/Terrain.cs line: 733

What causes this and how can I get rid of it?


Ah, fixed it.

I think this is a bug in the editor. I fixed it by right clicking the 'Scene' tab and clicking 'Close tab'. Then went to Window->Scene and the new scene view worked fine and it stopped outputting any errors.

Weird :P

its work for me i love you!!!! :)

I met it also. but the error pops up only when I run the game in editor. I solve it by check on the button "Maximize on play" in the Game Tab to make the game run in a single window. It will pop up again when I check off the button. So from now no, I need run my game with the button check on. Aha! God bless you, may it works for you!!!

Oh, god ! Thank you ! You just saved my last 10h of work !